Eat strawberry and save yourself from Blood pressure

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Health specialist says that eat strawberry and save yourself from blood pressure. According to American specialist it is proved that drinking strawberry juice or blueberries every week helps us from blood pressure.

A research was done in America of 90,000 people and were examined for 14 years and  a result was found that the persons who have used strawberries and blue berries more have reduced the danger of high blood pressure up to 8 percentage.

The specialist says that antioxides present in strawberries helps in opening the blood arteries which helps blood circulation normal and reduces the danger of high blood pressure. Beside this in strawberry potassium is also present in high quality and  keeps blood pressure under control.

High blood leads to danger of heart attack and stroke like dangerous diseases.

Other benefits of strawberry 

Helps in reducing the signs of growing age

Vitamin C and anti oxides present in this helps in reducing the sign of growing age.  The lycopin present in this helps in clearing wrinkles and brik lines ,You can get benefit by either eating it or making paste with milk and using as face mask.

Eat strawberry and save yourself from Blood pressureFor Shining Skin
In strawberries many types of such minerals are present which helps in whitening the skin. Beside this it helps in black lips. You can either use as scrub or its mask is also beneficial..

Problems of pimples
The use of strawberry is helpful in getting rid of pimples problems . Regular use of strawberry opens the pores with which the toxic substances present in the inner layer of the skin are released and the dirt of the face becomes clear. Due to the cleanliness of the dirt, the problem of pimples also gets rid of.

Cleans the dead skin

Using strawberry, the dead skin becomes very easy to clean. With the cleansing of the dead skin, the glowing comes on the face.  The dead skin gets cleaned up easily by the use of strawberry.

For whitening of teeth

The Vitamin C present in this helps in keeping the shine of teeth. The teeth gets naturally clean . The white teeth makes one more beautiful.


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