Manipur: Introducing Kids Garden School, RWUS Initiative for Displaced Children

Presently, the Kids Garden School operates in 45 relief camps, providing essential education to 1,900 enrolled children.

CHURACHANDPUR-  The Rural Women Upliftment Society (RWUS) has taken a significant step in supporting displaced children by establishing the Kids Garden School program. Launched at Rengkai Government School by Karthik Malladi, SP Churachandpur, on September 5, 2023, this initiative is designed to bring education to children who have been displaced due to various reasons.

Presently, the Kids Garden School operates in 45 relief camps, providing essential education to 1,900 enrolled children. RWUS has made valuable contributions by supplying school materials like notebooks, pencils, crayons, and more to enhance the learning experience for these young learners.

A team of 55 dedicated youth volunteers are actively involved in teaching the students on a daily basis, aiming to make a positive impact on their lives.

The program primarily focuses on aiding children from underprivileged backgrounds, whose parents struggle to afford formal education for them. Additionally, some of these children have undergone traumatic experiences, necessitating specialized care and attention.

RWUS is issuing an appeal to compassionate individuals, urging them to contribute towards providing refreshments such as sweets and biscuits for the children. This simple gesture will enhance the daily lives of these young learners.

Furthermore, regular health check-ups for these children are crucial during this pivotal juncture. RWUS is committed to ensuring the overall well-being and development of these displaced children.

In a broader initiative, RWUS calls for online donations to sustain the education of approximately 15,000 displaced people residing in over 120 camps in Churachandpur due to an ethnic conflict that arose on May 3, 2023.

The donations received will not only support educational endeavors but will also be utilized to purchase essential food, nutritional items, and medicines for the children in need. Your contribution will go a long way in positively impacting their lives, providing them with hope and brighter prospects.

Join RWUS in this humanitarian cause by contributing through our online platform and make a lasting difference in the lives of these resilient youngsters.


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