AMWJC calls for 24-hrs Chakka bandh on June 4th


Assam Motor Workers’ Joint Council (AMWJC) has called for a 24-hrs Chakka Bandh on June 04 as protest against the increase in fuel prices and demanding increase in fare of passenger vehicles.

Members of the organisation have said that the fare is fixed but the fuel prices are continuously increasing. They have asked the government to revise the fare structure with due consideration of present day fuel prices.

Talking to media AMWJC president Mathura Das said, “We are also opposing  the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Central Government’s move to implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and the State Government’s inaction to come up with a welfare Act for the motor workers.”

State Committee of All India Motor Workers’ Federation (AMWJC), Asom Petroleum Mazdoor Union, Northeast Heavy Goods Carrier Truck Owners and Drivers Welfare Association and Asom Motor Shramik Federation have jointly appealed to all the motor workers and owners to observe the chakka bandh on June 4, 2018.

The AMWJC president, while urging the Central Government to cut excessive taxes on petrol and diesel, said, “We ask the Central Government to bring petrol and diesel under Good and Services Tax (GST) so that the people can avail the fuel under ‘one nation one tax’ system.”

Bringing allegation against Assam’s Labour & Welfare Minister Pallab Lochan Das, the president said, “Pallab Lochan Das has done nothing for the welfare of the motor workers of the State till date.”

Das further demanded the State Government to come up with a motor workers’ welfare Act.


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