Assam: 3rd Dwijing Festival begins on bank of Aye river at Chirang

With the aim to promote tourism , 12 days 3rd Dwijing Festival begins on bank of Aye river at Chirang district of Assam.


In Assam, the third Dwijing Festival has begun today on the bank of Aye river  at Chirang district.  Around 15 lakh tourists are expected to participate in the festival.  Assam PHE minister Rihon Daimary inaugurated the festival in presence of several dignitaries.

Chief Minister Sarbanand Sonowal to attend the event on 29th of December.  Adventure sports, food mart, cultural events, traditional games are being organized  in the 12 day long event. Participants from Thailand, Bhutan and Bangladesh are also taken part in the festival.

This festival was started in the year 2016 with an aim to promote the local tourism and culture of BTC. Now govt plan to make it one of the biggest ever and establish it as an annual calendar event at the national and international level.”

Assam: 3rd Dwijing Festival begins on bank of Aye river at Chirang

With the target of promoting River Tourism in the Rural Areas of BTC and the State, the festival was initiated in the year 2016-17 under the moniker of “AIE RIVER WINTER FESTIVAL” on the bank of river Aie in the Chirang district of BTC.

Later in 2017-18, the name was changed to “DWIJING” meaning “RIVER BANK” and it became the annual River Festival of the region. The association of the Hagrama Bridge, the longest rural river bridge of the state, with the festival further resulted in the increase of visitors to the festival.

The festival also provides livelihood opportunities for the local and focuses on the business activities for better economic generation through rural tourism.

Assam: 3rd Dwijing Festival begins on bank of Aye river at Chirang

The Dwijing Festival this year also showcasing various activities such as display of ethnic food and culture, adventure activities, ethnic games and more.

This is aimed at promoting State Tourism by harnessing the potential of the river and make it one of the most popular tourist attractions of the State.

“Assam Tourism Development Corporation is leaving no stones unturned to make this festival a great success. By promoting this event in the national platform.


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