Assam: Aaranyak’s anti-poaching dogs hog limelight at International Agri-Horti Show

K9 Nova and K9 Rosy participated in show accompanied by their respective handlers Jayanta Kalita and Goura Baidya.

GUWAHATI-  Two anti-poaching dogs of elite K9 squad of premier biodiversity conservation organisation Aaranyak hogged the limelight in the dog show that was organised on Sunday as part of the larger event of the 8th International Agri-Horti Show at the College of Veterinary Science Playground in Khanapara here.

The two K9 anti-poaching dogs from Aarnayak- K9 Nova and K9 Rosy participated in show accompanied by their respective handlers Jayanta Kalita and Goura Baidya.

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The Dog Show was a special attraction in the larger event and was a composition of agility competition, showcasing a variety of breeds and skills of dogs. K9 Nova demonstrated proficiency in basic obedience training, while K9 Rosy’s exceptional skills were highlighted in tracking training and were praised by the audience.

These two extraordinary members of the Aarnayak K9 Sniffer Dog Squad play a crucial role in supporting law enforcement efforts by aiding in tracking and apprehension of suspects and retrieving vital evidence, especially in regions that face challenges related to poaching of wildlife.

The event was graced by a host of dignitaries including Assam’s Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Atul Bora, the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University Dr Bibeka Nanda Saikia, retired IAS officer Lakhinath Tamuly, officials of SSB, BSF and Assam Police.

Their presence underscored the significance of the human-canine partnership. The dignitaries acknowledged the expertise and dedication of these remarkable K9 units and their handlers.

The show not only showcased various breeds of dogs but also shed light on the activities and contributions of different breeds trained by forces such as BSF, NDRF, and SSB in ensuring safety and security. The K9 team present at the event also learnt the utility of dog units shown by SSB and NDRF in the event which will benefit the K9 handlers of Aaranyak.

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This participation by these highly trained dogs in the event highlighted how these dogs play multifaceted roles, ranging from obedience training to specialised tracking, which is a testament to their important role in law enforcement and conservation efforts. As a whole, the occasion celebrated the incredible contributions made by these remarkable canines and their handlers in protecting communities and preserving wildlife through their expertise, dedication and tenacity.

The 8th International Agri-horti Show was organised by the Government of Assam from December 16–18 here to showcase the rich diversity of agri-horti products and explore opportunities for agri-business and trade with other countries and states.


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