Assam: 8th Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival; Day 2

The day began with director Arvind Pratap’s ‘Mariam’ from the competition section.

Assam: 8th Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival; Day 2-   The second day of the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF) showcased five feature films captivating audiences throughout the day.

The day began with director Arvind Pratap’s ‘Mariam’ from the competition section. The Hindi film highlights the struggles of a pregnant mother trying to make ends meet amid the COVID pandemic. This film paints a poignant portrait of Mumbai’s migrant workers, drawn to the city for a better life but ensnared in perpetual poverty.

Next, Assamese feature film ‘Before Spring’ by Shrutismriti Changkakoti was showcased.  Written by the director herself, the film’s cast includes Dipjyoti Kakoti, Upasana Priyam and Abhijit Roy.

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Post-lunch, the world premiere of Nyishi feature film from the competition section, ‘Sangi-gai’ by director Nyago Ete was presented. The film showcases the story of Tamar, a native of Sangi-Gai village, who finds an exotic chest while searching for his lost brother, which expatriates him to the land of strangers in the obscured future, disrupting his current time of the year 1914. Produced by Alison Welly, the film’s cast includes Tai Tugung, Kendy Zirdo, Tarh Tama, Chomina Beyong and Metum.

Later in the evening, director Kenny Basumatary’s Assamese feature film ‘Jiya’ was premiered. The film, written and produced by Sarmistha Chakravorty, is about Jiya who having escaped an abusive marriage, navigates the challenges of single motherhood with her daughter Nupur.

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Struggling against societal judgment, she conceals her vulnerability behind a resilient façade. Pallavi, her steadfast friend, becomes a crucial pillar of support. Jiya leaves a toxic job only to find solace in Pallavi’s workplace, where she encounters the courteous Abhi. What happens next? The film’s cast includes Sarmistha Chakravorty, Eepsita Hazarika and Reeky Sharma.

The day ended with the cinematic showcase of Marathi feature film ‘Vaat’ by director Miransha Naik. The film is about a Goa farmer who was served a punishment for beating up a fellow villager. It tells the story Mattu, who had to deal with social humiliation and a financial burden.

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Simultaneously, the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF) hosted several short films and talk sessions during the day. In a discussion on ‘Beyond the Big Screen: Navigating Indie Film Production & Festival Circuits’ the panelists were filmmaker Leena Yadav and film producer Sanjay Bhutiani. The session was moderated by Critic, Curator and Journalist Murtaza Ali Khan.

Later, an interesting discussion on ‘Decoding the Blockbuster Formula Circuits’ was conducted with film producer Ronnie Lahiri of ‘Pink’, ‘Vicky Donor’ and ‘Madras Café’ fame. The insightful session was moderated by senior journalist and Publicity Director, BVFF, Karma Paljor.

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The short films showcased during the day included: Mau- The Spirit Dreams of Cheraw, Neela Joota (Sneakers), The Mountain Chef, Chongpreng- The Melodic Bridge, Ki Dak Bym Thoh (The Unwritten Words), Graveyards of Dreams, Summer of Soul, Mur Hunali Dhanoni Pothart (In My Golden Paddy Field), Kaap Nam and Khetor.

12 pitches made for Amazon Prime Video: The highlight of the day also included Amazon Prime Video pitching sessions where twelve filmmakers pitched their ideas to the OTT major. As BVFF continues to evolve as a crucial player in the film festival circuit, the Amazon Prime Video pitching sessions have become a cornerstone of the event, offering a gateway for filmmakers to navigate the digital realm.

This unique platform signifies BVFF’s dedication to not only showcasing outstanding films but also propelling them into the digital domain, ensuring that exceptional stories reach a global audience through the vast reach of Amazon Prime Video.


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