Assam: Alert TTI rescued 3 Passenger found un-conscious in Mahananda Express



Three passenger of Sikkim Mahananda Express were found un-conscious in coach No. S-1 by the A.P Gupta, TTI of Katihar Division on Tuesday at about 4-15 PM. At that time the train was passing over Pranpur Road station and Gupta immediately informed the Commercial Control at Katihar to provide urgent medical assistance at the earliest.

Accordingly, Railway Doctor attended the passenger on arrival of the train at Barsoi at about 5-15 PM. After giving First Aid all the passengers were shifted to the Barsoi Civil Hospital by Railway staff for further treatment.

Assam: Alert TTI rescued 3 Passenger found un-conscious in Mahananda ExpressThe passenger have been identified as  Sachin Thakur (M-37),  Suraj Dorji (M-47) and Jyoti Devi (F-23). They were travelling from Delhi to Hasimara and occupying berth no. 58, 59 and 61 in S-1 coach.

Based on information provided by one of the co-passenger, it is learnt that they were reportedly given bottled milk containing suspected intoxicating item near Mughalsarai station during night by another co-passenger who boarded the train from Gaziabad.

 After that all of them lost their consciousness and their money were stolen. However, no co-passenger of the coach reported the matter to anybody and it was due to alertness of the TTI prompt action could be taken and necessary medical assistance could be provided.

Divisional officers from Katihar Division of N.F. Railway also attended the passenger at Barsoi to provide all required help and financial assistance including arrangement for their further journey to Hasimara by Kabiguru Express after release from hospital.


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