Assam: ART facility inaugurated at Basistha Base Hospital

GOC 101 Area Lt Gen D S Ahuja, AVSM. inaugurated Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Centre inaugurated at 151 Base Hospital .


Infertility is a common and stressful situation to the couple, who are unable to conceive despite a happy married life. Soldiers are not spared from this problem and  service requirement and operational commitments compounds the problem of infertility.

Progress in the medical sciences has given a ray of hope to these childless  couple who otherwise would have suffered cursing their destiny.

To fulfill the dream of parenthood to these couple,  151 Base Hospital, Basistha, Guwahati has established a Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Centre   which was formally inaugurated on 22 Oct 2018 at 151 Base Hospital by GOC 101 Area Lt Gen D S Ahuja, AVSM.

This facility is provided free of cost to the members of the Armed Forces. This ART centre is the only  one of its kind in the whole North Eastern states and and in the entire Eastern Command and  will be of great help to our soldiers who are posted to or belong to north east to become proud parents.

It has a state – of – art facility to match with the international standards and provides advanced IVF procedures like ICSI, Cryopreservation and fertility preservation.

The ART centre is functioning efficiently under the guidance of Brig Y Singh, Commandant 151 Base Hospital and a team led by Lt Col (Dr) Nagaraja N, who is a Senior and experienced Gynacologist.


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