Assam: Cyclist Arshel Akhter starts Solo Cycle Tour to Promote Road Safety, Sustainable Transportation, and Climate Change Mitigation

GUWAHATI-  Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati and sustainable mobility advocate, Arshel Akhter, have started a solo cycle tour across Assam, spreading the crucial message of traffic rules and road safety, sustainable transportation, and climate change mitigation. Starting on June 13, 2023, Arshel will pedal through all district headquarters of Assam, covering an estimated distance of 2500 kilometers over a period of approximately 30 days.

In a simple gathering of his few friends and family members, his daughter has flagged off Arshel’s cycling tour on Tuesday morning from his residence in Guwahati.

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Arshel, a former bank employee, earlier used to cycle just to stay fit. But slowly cycling became his passion and he left the bank job.

Arshel’s family believes that Arshel wants to do something for the society, for which he has chosen cycling.

Arshel’s friends said that “ his mission aligns perfectly with the ideals of Mission LiFE, an environmental campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which encourages people to adopt an environmentally conscious lifestyle, and the FIT India Movement, aiming to promote a more physically active way of life.

During his tour, Arshel plans to engage with district administrations, local cycling groups, organizations, educational institutions, and the media to raise awareness about the urgent need for road safety, sustainable transportation, and climate change mitigation. He will share his objectives, promote the adoption of traffic rules, emphasize the benefits of sustainable transportation, and educate communities about climate change and its solutions.

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Arshel’s extensive cycling experience, including multiple long rides, events, campaigns, write-ups, etc, demonstrates his passion for the cause. As the Bicycle Mayor of Guwahati, an honorary position bestowed by the Netherlands-based social enterprise BYCS, and co-founder of Pedal for a Change, Arshel is committed to promoting cycling as a means to a healthier and more sustainable future.

Arshel Akhter’s journey seeks not only to raise awareness but also to raise funds through crowd-funding initiatives. These funds will be used to support economically disadvantaged cyclists in Guwahati after the completion of the Assam Cycle Tour, aiding their livelihoods and promoting cycling as a viable mode of transportation.


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