Assam: FINER welcomes reduction of Electricity Tariff


Federation of Industry & Commerce of North Eastern Region (FINER has welcomed the announcement by Assam Electricity Regulatory  Commission (AERC)  on reduction of  electricity tariff  for 2018-19. There is  an overall decrease of two percent, that is 14 paise per unit on Electricity Charges.

This is for the first time in last decade that the charges of electricity has been reduced, benefiting both consumers and the distribution utility. While the fixed charges has been increased marginally in a few categories ,in order to  make APDCL  a self – sustaining  body to cover its fixed costs ,the  Commission has very meticulously rationalised prices of electricity for all sections of the consumers.

FINER   Presidnet Pabitra Buragohain  is of the view that in the wake of Advantage Assam, when the State of Assam is poised to take a leap  in industrial  activities and entrepreneurship development, reduction of  tariffs in  all sectors of energy consumers is going to  play a major role in executing the Advantage Assam plans and give it the required push. This is a  welcome positive move for commerce, industry and society as a whole.

It is pertinent  to mention here that the Honourable Commission has  been  reasonable and practical in its approach to finalise the tariff order, keeping in view both the utilities and consumers. AERC had given adequate opportunity to many interested consumer forums, including FINER, to present their views and suggestions to the tariff Petitions Filed by APDCL, APGCL and AEGCL, in the interest of both businesses and  general consumers at a recent Public hearing  conducted at Administrative Staff College , Khanapara.    FINER had given its comments on the Traiff Petition for True Up for 2016-17, Annual Performance Review for 2017-18 and Average Revenue Requirement for 2018-19 for APDCL, APCGL and AEGCL, and participated actively in the proceedings .


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