Assam Flood: Army jawans Continue in Flood Relief and Rescue operations

The Gajraj Corps has launched flood relief operations in coordination with the civil administration from 16 June 2022.

GUWAHATI- As Assam reels under floods that have affected over 70,000 people, 3226 hectares of land and 77 villages, the Army Jawans are doing their best in the Flood relief and rescue operations. The Gajraj Corps has launched flood relief  operations in coordination with the civil administration from 16 June 2022.

Following heavy rainfall in various parts of  Assam, nine composite teams of Gajraj Corps were swiftly launched during day and night in coordination with local administration to carry out rescue and relief operations in the flood affected districts of Baksa,  Nalbari, Bajali, Darrang, Tamulpur, Hojai and Kamrup.

As they sought to take the affected people to safer locations, the soldiers were seen informing them that the rescue boat can ferry only 15 people at a time. The jawans urged the people should come in a batch of 15 towards the rescue boat while the rest can wait for the boat to come back. They said that the rescue operations would be hampered if they come in bigger numbers.

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Photographs of soldiers depicting the efforts of the Armymen in helping the people, a jawan was seen explaining to the villagers, “In this boat, only 15 people can ferry in one turn. Including the Army people, carrying extra people will render the boat inoperational. It will get stuck. Women and children will be taken on priority.”

 In Nalbari District, the Indian Army columns which were on standby quickly reached Sathikuchi village  and rescued 105 stranded locals. Simultaneously another column of Gajraj Corps out relief operations in

Damdama of Baksa district and assisted the locals. Relief and Rescue operations in six districts underway as of 1700 IST and 250 locals rescued so far.


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