Assam Rifle Eliminates Two NDFB Cadres in Umrangso


The  43 Assam Rifles of 22 Sector Assam Rifles under IGAR (East) eliminated two cadres of NDFB at Umrangso along Assam Meghalaya border in the early hours of Saturday, 16 Dec 2017.

A search operation was launched in the evening hours of 15 Dec,2017 based on input received about presence of 3 – 4 cadres of NDFB in the area of Assam Coal Quarry in Umrangso.

The joint operation was launched by 43 Assam Rifles, Assam Police and Meghalaya Police. At around 0540 hrs on 16 Dec 17, when the teams approached the suspected hideout they were fired upon by the insurgents. The retaliatory fire by own teams resulted in elimination of two cadres. A foreign made pistol was recovered from the hideout during the search.

The cadres were identified as Prasenjit Mushahary and Sobin Boro of NDFB who were also involved in the kidnapping of Mahendra Rai, Manager of Pyrdung Coal Quarry on 04 Dec 17, who was kept in custody in the hideout and was rescued safely.

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