Assam: Hailakandi Bihu Organising Committee takes up slew of philanthropic activities

Bihu Organising Committee of Hailakandi district of Assam has initiated a slew of philanthropic activities in the district on Friday . 


Bihu Organising Committee, Hailakandi has initiated a slew of philanthropic activities in the district.

Working President, Nripen Kalita informed that the organising committee has donated 38 bags of cement worth Rs.15,000 for renovation of the Jame Masjid situated at College Road.

The committee has also donated seven ceiling fans worth over Rs.11,000 including electrical fittings for the Residential Special Training Centre for Girls.

The committee has decided to donate Rs.15,000 for the Srimanta Sankaradeva Namghar situated at the heart of Hailakandi town.

Kalita said that he encourages everyone ‘to help others or for any good cause because you are giving back to society what you owe to it. You can see first-hand how the joys of giving back impacts your personal as well as professional life for the better.’

A preeti bhoj (community feast) was organised recently in which people from different communities, several officials, including Deputy Commissioner, Hailakandi turned up.


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