Assam: Manohari gold Tea breaks all records of tea industry

Guwahati – MANOHARI GOLD Tea of Assam was sold today at Guwahati Tea Auction Centre for a highest ever record price of Any Indian Tea for whooping  39,001/- per kg.

This lot of tea was bought by Saurav Tea Traders on Tuesday at the Guwahati Auction centre.

Manohari gold, a specialty tea of its kind, from a tea estate in Dibrugarh was produced by Manohari Tea Estate.

Rajan Lohia

Talking to northeastindia24, Rajan Lohia , owner of the garden said that this is a special type of tea which we developed by using a clone from their own garden. This tea is totally hand made and hardly 50 grms of it could be produced in a single day.  Apart from that, plucking the leaves for this tea is also done only during  sun rise and in suitable weather.

This phenomenon price also speaks that quality has no end and tea lovers are ready to pay any price for such innovative and boutique quality tea, said Mr Lohia.

The renowned Manohari Tea Estate is situated in the upper region of Assam at an elevation of 390 feet above sea level. The estate covers some 1800 acres, with over 1000 acres planted with tea bushes. Almost three million pounds of black and green tea are produced annually.

The climate, soil, and genetic make-up of this native variety of tea plants give Assam teas their characteristic full-bodied liquor and hearty flavour.

All of the gardens in the Assam region are virtually on the same plain with an altitude of approximately 500 feet. This is proof that not all fine quality tea has to be grown in high elevations.


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