Assam: Muslim youth broke ROZA to donate blood for a Hindu patient

Humanity is greater than Religion, this is proved by a Muslim youth who broke his fast ( roza) during ongoing month of Ramzan and consume food in order to donate BLOOD for a Hindu patient.


Panaullah Ahmed, a  Muslim youth from Mangaldoi  in Assam had been observing the fast ( Roza )  during the holy month of Ramzan. But when he received a call, he chooses humanity over religion and broke his fast.

Ahmad’s  colleague, Tapash Bhagawati received a call on May 8 about a patient who was in urgent need of blood. To help him, Ahmed broke his Ramazan fast and consumed food in order to donate blood to Ranjan Gogoi from Assam’s Dhemaji district.

Ranjan had undergone surgery for the removal of a tumor at the Apollo Hospital in Guwahati. His family was finding a donor for him but nobody was available. Post that, Ahmed decided to help them.

Also, Ahmed and Tapash were members of a popular Facebook page Team Humanity-Blood Donors & Social Activists in India. They work at Swagat Super Speciality Surgical Hospital in Guwahati and donates blood regularly.

Before donating the blood, Ahmed consulted people from his community to inquire if he can donate while fasting. But he was told that while he can donate, it might make him ill. After that, he decided to break his fast.

The popular Facebook page shared the story and smiling picture of both the friends. They also urged fit people to donate blood regularly.


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