Assam: NFR awarded One villager and two railway staff for averting accident


Two railway staff namely  Probir Sonowal, Loco Pilot and  Vikesh Kumar, Asst. Loco Pilot along with one villager namely  Amar Dewri were awarded with General Manager’s Safety Awards alongwith with cash rewards by Lokesh Narayan, Addl. General Manager, N.F.Railway for showing exceptional alertness.

Probir Sonowal, Loco Pilot and Vikesh Kumar, Asst. Loco Pilot while working by Up SCA F/G on 07.12.2017, noticed that an unknown person (a villager) was trying to stop the train by hand gesture. On seeing this, they applied the emergency brakes and managed to stop the train at KM 82/8-9 between Sonuabari and Dharamtul station.

Both Loco Pilot and Asst. Loco Pilot came down and noticed a big rail fracture. A probable mishap was thus averted.  In recognition of their meritorious service for preventing accident both of them were awarded with cash award of Rs. 2,500/- each along with a certificate.

Amar Dewri, a resident of Bargaon, Dharamtul who noticed the rail crack/fracture at KM 82/8-9 between Sonuabari and Dharamtul station and showed hand gesture to train drivers to stop the running train on 07.12.2017 was also awarded with a cash reward of Rs. 5,000.00 and a certificate for showing alertness leading to averting of a rail accident.


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