Assam: Non Tribal can not buy land in BTC- Hagrama 

By Rinoy Basumatary
BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary while countering the statement appeared in a section of vernacular daily said that the news regarding transfer of land to non tribal in BTC was politically motivated. He said BTC did not made any new land rule but as per MoS of BTC accord singed in 2003, the non tribal people cannot buy land in tribal belt and blocks.
Talking to reporters after the end of Executive Meeting of BTC today said an officer of BTC (Name was not disclosed) tried to transfer land to a general people which is illegal. A meeting was held in BTC on January 12 last where the issue of attempt to transfer tribal land was discussed, he said adding that the council did not bring new rule but it is existing that no non tribal or general people can buy land in protected tribal belt and block not only in BTC but in entire Assam.

Mohilary said as per clauses of MoS of BTC accord, the general people could not buy land in tribal belts and blocks but the general people can buy or transfer land only from general people who had been before BTC accord. He further said there was no question to politicize the issue as it is the matter of law of land.Meanwhile, EM of Land and Land Revenue, BTC Alindra Mashahary said a certain section of people were trying to put blame on BTC for narrow political game. He said one could see the clauses of BTC accord regarding the land rights in BTC formed with tribal belts and blocks.

He also said the use “Boro” and “OBoro” in the news paper was totally a matter of condemnable and unparliamentary as everybody knows that the non tribal cannot buy land in protected tribal belts and blocks in Assam and there should not be political motivation.


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