Assam: Nude protest, Torch light procession against CAB

Chabua OC injured in stone pelting , CRPF vehicle damaged

Dibrugarh         By Anil Poddar 

Protest, Nude protest, dharna, rally, torch light procession against Citizenship Amendment Bill ( CAB), 2019 is continue all over Assam.

Protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB), 2019 is continue all over Assam. All Assam Student’s Union ( AASU) has organised a torch light procession and protstors

Thousands of people led by  AASU take out a massive torch light procession from Thakurthan to Thana chariali, in Dibrugarh protesting against CAB.

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Three members of Tai Ahom Yuva Parishad stripped off their clothes protesting against CAB at Thana chariali, in Dibrugarh .

In two separate incidents in Chabua, OC of Chabua Police station injured and two vehicles of security forces damaged little while ago.

Stones were pelted on a Bolero of CRPF which was parked at roadside on NH37, Chabua.

In another incident, stones pelted on a gypsy of air force damaging the vehicle. Stone also hit the OC of Chabua police station. The Chabua officer in charge Tulumoni Duorah injured in the incident.

As per Superintendent of Police, Dibrugarh, third party is suspected to be involved in the incident. Police investigation is on. Meanwhile Chabua OC has been sent to a private nursing home in Dibrugarh for immediate medical assistance.


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