Assam: Women should step forward and work towards their dreams- Smita Deb

I urge every woman in our community to step forward and work towards their dreams- Says Smita Deb.


Mrs. Smita Deb is selected as 10th Edition of “Byatikram Face of the Month” under the ongoing social venture “Respect Womanhood”. Mrs Deb is a professor, documentary Film-maker, business-women by profession.

In a conversation with Mrs Deb on  Thursday, at Guwahati Press Club Mrs. Deb said that  ” I urge every woman in our community to step forward and work towards their dreams . After all it’s one life and we should answer to ourselves one day. Did I live my life? The answer should be yes said Smita Deb , Mrs Universe

Sharing her life journey and woman impowerment Mrs Deb added that after her marriage at age 27 but still continued to finish her studies. She took a break of 5 yrs from professional life to have kids and grow them.  After coming back to professional life after the break , Mrs Deb started her own saloon as well as Started higher studies and got admission in PHD . At the same time Mrs Deb started  professional fashion career.

Adding further Mrs Deb shared her life experience by saying that “being from a remote place and with a limited opportunity I still proved if we wish we can always achieve what we dream about”

According to her after looking at her many housewives feel life is just not over by getting married and having 2 babies. Life has more to offer. Mrs Deb added


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