Assam: Bongaigaon Admin in crusade to save golden langurs

Bongaigaon District Administration in crusade to save golden langurs – Bongaigaon shows the way in joint forestry management programme on the eve of World Environment Day.


An event celebrating World Environment Day, jointly organised by the District Administration, Assam Forest Department and Panchayat and Rural Development Department was held on June 5 at the Kakoijana Reserve Forest  in Bongaigaon

Located between the Sonkosh and Manas rivers, Kakoijana forest reserve is one of the few remaining habitats of the golden langur (presbytisgeei), which is listed in the category of “rare species” in the Red Data Book of International Union for Conservation of Nature.

 The animal has not been spotted anywhere except the Himalayan foothills along the Assam-Bhutan border. Over the years, denudation of forests for timber and agriculture has shrunk the golden langur’s only habitat and left it vulnerable to poaching and various other dangers.

In an effort to ensure sufficient food and safety for the endangered species and initiatives taken by the District Administration, the Assam Forest Department in convergence with the Panchayat and Rural Development Department has started a scheme under MGNREGA under which 10575 saplings and seedlings of fruit bearing trees like guava, mango and jamun will be planted in the Reserve Forest Area covering more than 4 hectare of area. The scheme was inaugurated on Wednesday by the Deputy Commissioner of Bongaigaon,  Adil Khan.

The population of golden langur has been steadily increasing in Kakoijana Reserve Forest which has resulted in more human animal conflict and decreased reserves of food for the golden langur. With a sanctioned amount of Rs 27,24,203 under MGNREGA , it is expected that the habitat of the endangered species will be protected and enable them to  sufficient sources of food.

The Celebrations of the  World Environment Day, 2019  were held in 175 no. Kakoijana Nimna Buniyadi Vidhyalaya Campus, Kakoijana. A tree plantation drive followed by drawing competition and a public meeting was organised in the the School.

Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Commissioner urged the local residents and school children to be sensitive towards their environment and work collectively for the protection of the Golden Langurs.

Golden langurs are often killed by dogs and run over by vehicles when they stray into human habitation in search of food. Under the initiatives taken by the Deputy Commissioner,  in an effort to reduce road accidents and deaths of Golden Langur Caution Notices has been erected at three spots  near the Reserve forests.

The event was attended by the Deputy Commissioner of Bongaigaon, Adil Khan,Sub Divisional Officer( C) of North Salmara, Megh Nidhi Dahal , Assistant Commissioner Tanmoy Ghosh, and  DFO Aie Valley Division , AS Arief.


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