Mizoram: BJP Yuva Morcha lambasted the MNF EC of CADC over the ongoing political crisis in the council

KAMLANAGAR- The CADC Bharatiya Janata Party District Yuva Morcha Chief Amar Smriti Chakma today lambasted the present Executive Committee of CADC over the ongoing political crisis in the council.

In a press statement, the Yuva Morcha chief said that ” there is no political instability in the 10th Chakma Autonomous District Council due to blatant corruption and the constant changing of the Chief Executive Member”.

The infighting amongst the 18 MNF MDCs of 20 members Council split into two factions. The 10 rebel MNF MDCs led by Rasik Mohan Chakma, Adviser to CEM (Administration) were camping in CADC Rest House, Kamalanagar-ll and asked for resignation of the CEM from his post on 5th July, 2021 on moral ground as the incumbent CEM Durjya Dhan Chakma has lost the majority support of the 20 members of the Council and on the same day Buddha Lila Chakma Adviser to CEM (Political) and Ajoy Kumar Chakma Adviser to Planning & Development Committee, CADC were removed by the incumbent CEM of CADC, the release said.

The release added that the MNF party’s high command had summoned both factions, incumbent Chief Executive Member,  Durjya Dhan Chakma and Adviser to Chief Executive Member (Administration)  Rasik Mohan Chakma to Aizawl over the ongoing political crisis in the present Executive Committee of CADC. After returning back from Aizawl both factions have been convening meeting after meeting, the release alleged.

This double engine MNF government has completely failed in its poll promises and the people of CADC witnessed blatant corruption, infighting and constant changing of CEM over development which has made them disappointed in the past two and half years.

The roads of Kamalanagar town are in deplorable condition, Old Age Pensioners and the Village Council Members of CADC have not been getting their remunerations since many months. There is a need to impose Governor’s rule in CADC by immediate suspension of the present Executive Committee of CADC as per the special power vested to the Governor of Mizoram, the Yuva Morcha Chief stated.


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