Mizoram: MZP detects over 200 illegal immigrants from state

 MZP has so far detected 254 suspected illegal immigrants from Mizoram,  whose names were not included in the draft NRC list of Assam.



Over 200 suspected illegal immigrants, have been detected by volunteers of the Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) or the Mizo Students’ Federation, at border check points in the past two days, according to the MZP.

At least 233 non-locals, suspected to be illegal immigrants, were detected and prevented from entering Mizoram during mass checking drives on Tuesday and Wednesday at Bairabi, Saiphai and Vairengte, Renthlei added.

According MZP source, 137 suspected illegal immigrants were apprehended at Vairengte during the period, 71 at Saiphai and 25 at Bairabi.

MZP has been launching drives against illegal migrants since August 17 and checking people entering Mizoram from neighbouring States at the border check points in Bairabi, Saiphai and Vairengte.

MZP sources informed that all the apprehended non-locals were suspected to be Bangladeshi nationals, whose names are missing in the draft NRC. They were apprehended when MZP volunteers intercepted and checked vehicles coming from Assam. They were asked to go back to Assam.

Earlier, the student body had apprehended five suspected illegal immigrants in Aizawl and 16 others in Vairengte. With these cases, the MZP has so far detected 254 suspected illegal immigrants whose names were not included in the draft NRC list of Assam since last Friday.

Meanwhile, the Mizoram Government has tightened security measures along the Mizoram-Assam border and deployed more police personnel there.

A statement issued by the MZP on Wednesday said that a sizeable number of non-locals, who failed to get their names in the draft NRC, have already entered Mizoram and are currently camping in the State. The student body further said that it would take massive efforts to detect those “foreigners” who have already entered the State.

The MZP blamed the State Government for “remaining a mute spectator and pretending to be in slumber to check influx of illegal migrants and infiltrators from neighbouring Assam”.


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