Return Dimapur from Nagaland to Assam- BJP MP and DNC



After a day of DNC demand for return of Dimapur town from Nagaland to Assam , now Lok Sabha BJP MP from Tezpur, Ram Prasad Sharma also  demanded that Nagaland should immediately return Dimapur to Assam as it has no legal ownership over the commercial town.

According to Mr Sharma, Dimapur was “a mauza of Jorhat district” leased out to Naga Hills for 30 years in 1918 for construction of railway lines.

But after the lease period Nagaland continue to occupy the land and even made Dimapur a district on its own.

” Lease cannot give full ownership right and Nagaland has no ownership right on Dimapur, they should return it immediately.”

Before Mr Sharma an organisation called the ‘Dimasa National Council’ (DNC) submitting a memorandum to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh demanding Nagaland’s commercial district Dimapur to be merged with Assam.

The group was said to have included in their demand setting up of a ‘Hirimbapur autonomous state’ under Article 244 (A) by carving out the entire North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) in Dima Hasao.

Meanwhile according to the news reports the The proposed ‘Hirimbapur autonomous state’ includes the areas Dimapur; and Maibang, and Khashpur areas of adjoining Karbi Anglong; Hojai, Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj districts of Assam.

Interestingly the  Dimasa Public Organisation (DPO) of Nagaland has issued a rejoinder on Tuesday stating that it never knew about the existence of the DNC and their memorandum to Singh. “It has also been confirmed that Dimasa National Council has been reportedly formed by a few individuals without having the mandate of the people as per report from Dimasa frontal organisations of Assam.


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