Timbers, sand, generator sets seized by forest personnel at different places of Assam

GUWAHATI- Three vehicles loaded with sand were seized by personnel of Protection Squad Range near Modertoli on Tuesday. The vehicles have been kept under the custody at its office premises.

A generator from Derapathar and non sal sawn timbers from Nakhuti 1 No.Sarkebasti was confiscated by Lanka forest staff under Hojai Forest Division.

Protection Squad Range with Murakhar police staff  seized one band saw mill and two generator sets from Ambari Chariali in the wee hours on Tuesday.

In another incident a vehicle loaded with sawn timbers was seized at Kaki at around 3 pm on Monday by Protection Squad Range personnel. The vehicle intercepted by the forest personnel was transporting timbers from an illegal saw mill located at Nakhitu.

A tractor carrying timbers from Sambari was seized by Protection Squad at 9.30 am on Tuesday and kept under safe custody at Lanka Range.

104 pieces of hand sawn Ahoi timbers were seized by Protection Squad Range personnel at Borhau Tiniali Bazar at around 2.30 am on Monday.


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