Viral Video: Girl dancing at traffic signal

The video is now rapidly going viral on various social media platforms and has garnered nearly 1.6 million views in just four days.

Viral Video of a girl dancing at traffic signal:  In today’s era, Internet is known as a huge platform to showcase talents. Sometimes such videos are seen on the internet which surprise the viewers.

One such video shared by Gaurang Bhardwa1 on X ( Twitter ) went viral these days. In the video, a girl is seen dancing amidst a busy traffic signal. The girl is wearing school uniform. Coming to the crowded road, she throws away her school bag and while lying on the road dances, she performs some dance steps which attract the audience.

Some users are praising the courage of the girl while some are calling this video of the girl a ‘publicity stunt’ and are demanding action from the authorities and imposition of fine.

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Let us tell you that such videos keep going viral every day. Even before this, many people have made videos on crowded roads or traffic signals and have also faced police action.

The video, which was initially shared by user Gaurang on Twitter, is now rapidly going viral on various social media platforms and has garnered nearly 1.6 million views in just four days.

Although information about when and where the video was shot has not been shared, as the video goes viral on social media, netizens have expressed a mixture of surprise, amusement and admiration for the girl’s bold and unexpected dance moves.

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A user writes “The father might be earning for the family by farming and doing daily wages. You might be thinking that your daughter has gone to school, if she becomes something after studying, good days will come. The daughter is digging the road at the intersection here. Whenever one thinks that no one can do anything worse than this, then an even worse reel appears”.

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Another user writes, “Mota Bhai, this saliva is going to bring the next law.

Another user writes in support of the girl that what happened now, can Papa’s beloved not even make videos on the road?

Another user writes that their school is also open, still all this. They should be admitted to a mental hospital.

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