After a Model danced, Now Boy performed STUNT at traffic signal in Indore, video goes viral

INDORE:   Recently a  model danced at a busy traffic signal in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, now a jumping boy has come out after that. The video of the boy has surfaced on Thursday only after the model danced.

On last Monday model Shreya Kalra danced at the same Rasoma intersection. Traffic was halted due to her dance. The model then shared the dance video on Instagram and the model’s dance is being called the ‘Dare Act.

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Now, after Shreya, the video of the youth has surfaced which is also from Rasoma Crossroads. Here the boy is jumping. You can see he also showed some moves there and traffic stopped during this time.

Police said investigations are on into the youth for jumping at the intersection. Traffic DSP Umakant Chaudhary said, “The video of the youth surfaced on Thursday, but both the videos are said to be of the same day. A search is also on for the youth. A case under Section 290 will also be registered against the youth at Vijay Nagar police station.”


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