Art for Impact: From Bihu Celebrations to Sreading Smiles at Sahayika

GUWAHATI- The spirit of Magh Bihu, the joyous Assamese harvest festival was celebrated at The down town School, Guwahati with commitment to community service for Sahayika.

The students took center stage, mesmerizing the audience with their graceful and energetic Bihu dance performances. Their dedication and enthusiasm were palpable, showcasing the spirit of this joyous festival. The evening saw not only revelry but also a commitment to social responsibility.

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Proceeds from the school’s recent art exhibition were presented in the form of a cheque to the NGO “Sahayika,” supporting their noble endeavors. Sahayika is an institution that strives towards the academic and socio-emotional development of children with special needs.

Ipshita Sharma, Secretary of Sahayika, graced the occasion and delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the power of collective effort in making a positive difference in the community. Further fueling the evening’s energy was a captivating fusion dance performed by students from Grades 3 to 7, showcasing their talent and creative spirit.

“dtS’s Magh Bihu pre-festival event was a beautiful celebration of tradition, talent, and community. It was truly heartwarming to see our students embrace the spirit of the festival and contribute to a worthy cause,” said Ms Maya Alfred Fernandes, Principal, The down town School, Guwahati.

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A charming Grade I student delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all contributors and participants, before the evening culminated with a powerful rendition of the state anthem. As everyone stood together, voices resounding in unison, the spirit of Assam and the joy of Magh Bihu reached its zenith.

The down town School, Guwahati is a premier educational institution in Guwahati committed to providing high-quality education while fostering a strong sense of cultural identity and social responsibility among its students.


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