Assam down town University Hosts First-of-its-kind Global Edu Fair in Northeast India

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students and academic experts alike.

GUWAHATI-  Assam down town University has concluded its inaugural Global Edu Fair – Season 1, a pioneering initiative aimed at enriching the academic and career prospects of students in the region.

This momentous event showcased the university’s commitment to empowering students and providing them with diverse opportunities on a global scale.

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The esteemed Honourable Vice Chancellor of Cotton University, Prof. Ramesh Ch. Deka, graced the inaugural ceremony of the Global Edu Fair, Season 1, as the distinguished Chief Guest.

The Global Edu Fair, Season 1, served as a platform for students to explore an array of academic possibilities offered by renowned universities worldwide.

With a vision to amplify the lives of students and assist them in making informed career decisions, Assam down town University brought together a diverse lineup of prestigious institutions under one roof.

The event witnessed Universities participating from UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, South America, USA, France and Switzerland.

“This year, Assam down town University takes immense pride in hosting an event that promises to be not only informative but transformative for all aspiring students.” Says Rimjhim Baruah Borah, Associate Director, Directorate of Career Advancement.

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The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students and academic experts alike.

This initiative by Assam down town University underscores its dedication to broadening horizons and facilitating access to quality education beyond geographical boundaries. By organizing such events, the university aspires to empower students, enabling them to make educated decisions about their educational journeys and future careers.

Assam down town University remains committed to continually supporting and guiding students in their pursuit of academic excellence, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the global landscape of higher education.


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