Assam: Believers Eastern Church distributed school items to underprivileged children



Bridge of Hope (A Believers Eastern Church project for Underprivileged Children)  recently distributed notebooks and school bags to the needy school going students in the different village as the parents cannot afford to provide them due to financially weak.

In many villages, the students studying in school have a very difficult life which makes them bound to leave their studies and work to bear their own expenses. In order to help them, the Bridge of Hope centres staffs decided to visit some villages to help those needy students so that they can able to continue their schooling.

The volunteers of  Bridge of Hope went door to door and shared about the importance of education to the villagers and provide notebooks to their children. Many villages are in very remote areas and the students who are studying in school are found to be playing on the roadside, field.

To help those children the Bridge of Hope also organised a distribution program in places called, Ouphulia (Moran), Amguri, Meleng Tea Estate, Selengpather, Saraipani Tea Estate, Kowani, Wophong Hanse Gaon, Gohainjan Tea Estate, Ram Lekthe Gaon, Bapuram Singnar (Deithor), Vosaru Rongpi Gaon, Khulamon, in different districts of Assam.

Around 2000 students have received notebooks and school bags. It was a great time to have interaction about the importance of education with school going children and parents, later the children benefited with school items.

After the distribution, the villagers said: “Getting this kind of help by providing notebooks and others necessary items will definitely help our children to continue their studies and we are thankful for helping and sharing the importance of education among us”. Moreover some of the dignitaries like Govt. officials, village heads were also present in the distribution program in some places and they also appreciated for taking note of this good Samaritan works.


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