Assam Cattle Syndicate: PIL filed at GHC seeking CBI enquiry


Today the Division bench of Gauhati High Court comprising Chief Justice Ajai Lamba and Justice Soumitra Saikia issued notice to transport department and animal husbandry and Vaterinary Department in PIL no 23/2020 seeking CBI enquiry .

The Public Interest Litigation  is filed by Dhyan Foundation bringing to the notice of  Court that on the basis of secrete information,  24th Battalion of SSB Rangia , Assam on 25.02.2020 seized total 21 nos. of heavy vehicle carrying  total 690 numbers of cattle ( Ox- 612 and Buffalo- 78) as well as apprehended total 25 person.

At the time of seizure no valid documents were found in the possession of persons preset in the vehicles. The conditions of the cattle were very pathetic . In total 21 nos. of vehicles , total 690 nos were kept in very inhumane condition overlapping to each other likely to causing death without any arrangement of water, food and medical aid for the purpose of illegal Smuggling and Slaughtering .

Assam: Seizure and release of 690 Cattles by SSB, Court to deliver the Judgement on March 7.

​SSB, Rangia rescued and seized the 690 cattle and handed over to Rangia Police for treatment, preservation and care. The cattle were in extreme weak and miserable conditions when the same were given to Gaushala. Cattle were in critical condition at the time of unloading and while unloading, it was found that about 24 number of cattle are already dead. Till 27.02.2020  total number of about 40  cattle have been died and only 650 number of cattle are only alive.

​Every day a large number of cattle are smuggled to Bangladesh and Myanmar and under the name of cattle smuggling, other serious criminal activities also takes place. The cattle are the wealth of the nation, our nation’s economy is largely dependent upon the agriculture and cattle are therefore the backbone of our nation. The money generated out of this illegal cattle smuggling are pumped into terror activities.

The present case is filed to highlight the following:-

  1. Non implementation of Animal welfare Laws, viz.
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960
  • Rule 125E of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989
  • Transport of Animal Rules, 1978
  • Sec. 429 of Indian Penal Code, 1860
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Care and Maintenance of Case Property) Rules, 2017
  1. Illegal Smuggling of Cattle to Bangladesh and Myanmar.

​The Petitioner is ready to take every possible care and precaution of all 690 cattle in their Gaushala and also have facility to manage towards medical, fodder, care, shelter, maintenance etc. It is pertinent to note that the trial in the above matter would go on for years and therefore the custody of the cattle till pending of the litigation must be given to an organization like the Applicant which will take care of the cattle in a proper manner.


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