Assam : Class 5 girl gang raped and burnt alive in Nagaon



A Class 5 Girl died in Assam’s Nagaon district on Friday after five men allegedly raped her and burnt alive. The incident took place in at Lalung village in Batadrawa of Nagaon district .

The vicitm sustained 90% burns and succumbed to her injuries in hospital. She told the police in hospital that the men had poured kerosene on her after raping her. The child named the accused before she died.

The prime accused, according to the declaration of the victim, is belonging to the same village as the victim and was accompanied by two juveniles. Police arrested the minors whereas the main accuse is absconding.

Assam : Class 5 girl gang raped and burnt alive in Nagaon

Taking advantage of the minor being alone at home, the three accused executed their plan. It may be mentioned that the two juveniles were schoolmates of the victim.

The villagers were outraged over the incident and vandalised the residence of the prime accused.

Being the second incident of rape in Nagaon within a week’s time, it has become a serious matter of concern as to where the future of Assam is heading.


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