Assam Floods: 1.2 lakh people, 20 districts Affected, Nalbari situation worson

Approximately 45,000 people, 108 villages affected in Nalbari only.

GUWAHATI- Assam floods situation deteriorated on Wednesday due to the floods, which have affected roughly 1.20 lakh people in 20 districts. The water levels of various rivers are flowing above the danger level mark and have flooded new areas, according to reports from the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) following the monsoon rainfall in Assam, other bordering states, and the neighbouring country Bhutan. On Wednesday, four embankments, 72 roads, and seven bridges were damaged by floodwaters.

Approximately 45,000 people and 108 villages across six revenue circles in the lower Assam district are currently underwater, which has caused the flood situation in Assam’s Nalbari district to worsen.

Assam Floods: 1.2 lakh people, 20 district Affected, Nalbari situation worson

The flood has affected about 200 families in Moiraranga, Batahghila village and the majority of those families are currently setting up makeshift tents to shelter themselves on roads and embankments.

The Pagladiya River is flowing above the danger level and has flooded new places in the last day as a result of the torrential rain that has fallen in Assam and the adjoining country of Bhutan during the past few days.

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Nearly 90 villages in the Ghograpar, Tihu, Barbhag and Dhamdhama areas of the district have been swamped by flood waters. Many of the people were compelled to leave their homes and seek refuge on roads and high ground by making temporary tents after the flood waters penetrated their residences.

Manoj Rajbongshi, a villager of Moiraranga village while speaking to media,  stated that his family is now residing under an embankment after the flood waters flooded their home.

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“My family is now living in an embankment after the flood waters entered my home. Many properties of our home have been damaged after the flood waters entered our home. There is now knee-deep water inside my home. The water level is gradually increasing. We are now facing lots of problems,” Manoj Rajbongshi said.

Another resident, Jyotish Rajbongshi from Moiraranga village, claimed that the flood caused him to lose everything and wrecked all of his household items.

Assam Floods: 1.2 lakh people, 20 district Affected, Nalbari situation worson

“I have lost everything due to this flood. Every household item in our house has been damaged. I along with my wife am now living in this embankment. We couldn’t get any stuff out of the house,” Jyotish Rajbongshi said.

In the district, roughly 310 hectares of agriculture were drowned by the floodwaters.

The district’s two embankments, 15 roads, two bridges, culverts and agri bundh have all been damaged by floodwaters in the last 24 hours.

According to earlier reports from the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), fresh areas have been swamped by many rivers whose water levels have risen above the danger threshold due to excessive rains in Assam, neighbouring states and Bhutan.

The ASDMA flood report said, “44707 people have been affected alone in Nalbari district followed by 26571 people in Baksa, 25096 people in Lakhimpur, 15610 people in Tamulpur, 3840 people in Barpeta district.”

In the flood-hit districts, the first flood wave has also harmed over 1.07 lakh domestic animals and poultry.

On Wednesday, 1280 individuals are being evacuated from flood-affected areas by the NDRF, SDRF, Fire and Emergency Services, and other rescue efforts.


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