Assam: Fraud in UCO Bank, Dibrugarh branch

Fraud in UCO Bank, Dibrugarh branch, three Account holders lost more than Rs 35 lacs.


By Anil Poddar

At least three persons having their Bank Account in UCO Bank in Dibrugarh have lost more than Rs 35 lacs.

Enquiry has revealed that transactions of those amounts (Rs 10.80 Lacs, Rs 15Lacs, & Rs 9.80Lacs) were done on separate dates fraudently by using fake cheques.

Incidentally the phone number of one of the customer who lost 1080000 was blocked the same day.

Though the concerned Bank has admitted to the fraud transaction, he refused to give written assurances to the customers to return their hard earn money.

As per the Acharya Sonowal, Chief Manager, they will be able respond only after enquiry. He also said that the customers will get back their money if they are found that they have not done the transaction.

He has suspected involvement of Bank officials in the fraud.

F.I.R.s have been filed in Dibrugarh Police stations.


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