Assam: Intimate Stage of Guwahati’s Piano Kids inaugurated

GUWAHATI  ( By Prantik Deka ) – The state’s renowned piano maestro Kushal Krishna Dev Goswami’s long-cherished dream finally came true with the inauguration of his intimate stage ‘Jibakrishna’ along with the release of an improvised book on western music called ‘Scale Study’ at a function held at the state’s leading music institute – Piano Kids, recently.

The programme began with the devotional tune ‘Muktito Nispriha Jitu’ by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev and Madhabdev, which was converted to staff notation by Kushal Krishna Dev Goswami, and set to music by the students of the institute. It was followed by the lighting of the traditional lamp by Assam’s eminent musician Suryya Goswami. “This compact platform will enormously help in nurturing a lot of talents in the State,” Goswami said after inaugurating the intimate stage, established in the memory of Kushal Krishna Dev Goswami’s late father.  This distinctive and appealing platform will be the music talent lab for all the students of Piano Kids. The Jibakrishna intimate stage will include a variety of activities with a focus on enhancing the creativity of the participants.

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Small and intimate, the ‘Jibakrishna’ intimate stage is expected to be a truly unique and unparalleled experience for everyone. It was Goswami’s dream to produce a model platform where students can immerse themselves and shine in a friendly learning environment, with access to the requisite technical tools.

The improvised book of notations on western music – ‘Scale Study’, was released by Dr Ripu Kumar Gogoi and Dr Devabrot Khanikar. Both praised Dev Goswami for his immense contributions to the cause of piano music. Kushal Krishna Dev Goswami has crafted a book with a lot of love and dedication, replete with a significant collection of staff notations that can be played, enjoyed and listened to for posterity. The work, which is in every way a product of Dev Goswami’s consummate skill, will lay a strong foundation for students, musicians and piano enthusiasts in the future.

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The programme also coincided with the launch of the Piano Kids website by Kushal Krishna Dev Goswami. Constructed by Writuraj Mahanta, the website, which is still a work in progress, has been developed on the basis of content that has been provided at the moment.

The evening was also a fantastic opportunity for some of the students of the Piano Kids institute to showcase their talents on songs like Zubeen Garg’s popular ‘Mayabini’, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s immortal creation ‘He Dola He Dola…Bor Bor Manuhor Dola’, and the State song of Assam ‘O Mur Apunar Desh’. On the occasion, the former office bearers of the 8th Annual Day celebration committee were also felicitated, including Dr Ripu Kumar Gogoi, Dr Devabrot Khanikar, Pragyan Dowerah, Rooplekha Dutta, Parag Kumar Gogoi, Kajol Goswami, Rupankar Barua and Rituraj Mahanta.


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