Assam: NE political parties decides to oppose Citizenship Bill


NE political parties had come together to jointly oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016. meeting was held in Guwahati, Assam.


At least  eleven political parties of Northeastern Region of India had come together to jointly oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016. This decision has  been taken in a political parties convention on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 held in Guwahati on Tuesday.

NE Region’s political parties convention on Citizen Amendment Bill 2016 held at Guwahati on 29th January 2019 under the Chairmanship of Conrad K Sangma ,  Chief Minister of Meghalaya and National President of NPP.

The political parties of North East unanimously adopted the following resolutions :-

  • Political parties of North East Region of India have come together to jointly oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.
  • The convention has unanimously decided that a delegation of all participant political parties from North Eastern region along with other parties who have supported the cause would meet and apprise the  President and Prime Minister of India in next few days.
  • In the unfortunate scenario of the government of India failing to respond to call of the people and presses ahead with the bill, the convention has decided to continue its opposition to the bill. Towards this the convention has decided to meet again to chalk out the future course of action and the way forward.
  • We think the political parties from across the country, who have objected the bill and have supported our cause inside and out side the parliament.
  • The convention has also decided to form a committee to reach out to different parties across the country to support this cause.

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