Assam: NF Railway launches 30 days drive for safety at level crossings



NF Railway has a large number of manned or unmanned level crossings.  Although standard protocols of safety are followed at all level crossings, they are the most vulnerable areas of the zone as far as safety is concerned.

Counselling of road users and all railway staff who are directly or indirectly involved with the operation of Level Crossing is an important focus area of the railway.

NF railway has launched a 30 days safety drive specially targeting safety at manned or unmanned level crossing. The stress is on ensuring availability of full complement of equipments, speed breakers, whistle boards, smooth approach roads, road signs and stop boards, availability of electronic power supply and adequate visibility be thoroughly scrutinized and adequate visibility for both train drivers and road users at the level crossings.

All the Divisions are organizing public awareness campaigns to educate/counsel road users and distributing posters, pamphlets, handbills etc. in Gram Panchayats, markets, petrol pumps and other public places.  SMS alerts for awareness to road users are being sent.

Campaign are also being carried out through various media including newspapers, televisions, radio and slides in cinema halls, loudspeakers mounted on rickshaws to appeal to all road users to observe all precautions embodied in motor vehicles act and railway act.

Divisions are also organizing safety seminars, nukkad nataks etc at various places in the divisions including road transport offices and educational institutions. Various departments’ officers and staffs are involved in all these activities.

 Joint ambush checks involving Railway Protection Force, Government Railway Police and civil authorities are been carried out at the level crossings for apprehending errant road users under sections of motor vehicles act.


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