Assam: ‘NotZero-NetZero’- Carbon Neutral Educational Campus launched

Guwahati:  Prof. (Dr.) S.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Royal Global University,  attended the ‘NotZero-NetZero’ Carbon Neutral Pledge program held virtually, by TERRE Policy Centre, on the occasion of completion of five years of The Paris Agreement, UNFCCC, as a part of the panel of Vice Chancellors from prominent universities. Prof. Singh highlighted the need to follow a practical and judicious model of resource consumption in order to avoid unbalance, drain and eventual depletion of our natural resources to meet the common global need of establishing Carbon Neutrality at the earliest.

Lauded for his exceptional example of formulating a system with a consumption indicator that would mark and record every single unit and variety of resource utilized in educational institutes and other places similar to the system used for determining the MSP of crops, Prof. Singh highlighted the mechanism adopted by Royal Global University to achieve its goal of generating a Climate Friendly and Environmentally Sustainable varsity through the model of Integrated Neutrality; thereby assuring solidarity with the cause at all steps.

Moderated by Dr. Rajendra Shende, Chairman, TERRE Policy Centre, this vital program was also attended by luminaries like Prof. (Dr.) Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE; Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Executive Vice-Chairman, EESL; Mr. Eric Falt, Regional Director, UNESCO; Mr. Kishor Rajhansa, Director, Global Carbon Council; Dr. Anil Kumar, Director, MSSRF; Mr. M.V. Ashok, Senior Advisor, SCCN and others.


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