Assam:  Students fell ill not due to AEFI- Hailakandi Health Authorities

Students fell ill not due to AEFI but anxiety, hysteria induced by fear factor: Health authorities.


29 students who reportedly fell ill after administering of Measles Rubella (MR) vaccination at Sahabad ME Madrassa under Katlicherra revenue circle were not due to adverse events following immunization (AEFI).

Meanwhile, 24 students have been already discharged yesterday. Of the five referred to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital, two have been discharged.

District Immunization Officer (DIO) Dr. K. Thambalsena disclosed that the students who were reportedly taken ill after administering of MR vaccine were not due to AEFI but due to anxiety and hysteria induced by injection fear.

The DIO said the AEFI symptoms generally associated with MR vaccine such as rashes  were not seen in yesterday’s incident. “Medical examination of the students who were taken ill was not due to MR vaccination but due to anxiety and hysteria induced by the fear factor of being injected,” she added.

Joint Director, Health Services, Dr.Avijit Basu, who rushed to the site of the incident and personally monitored the whole situation, categorically stated that had it been cases of AEFI, all the 120 students vaccinated at the school would have fallen ill.

The health authorities here have asked the people not to panic as MR vaccine approved by the WHO is highly safe with an impassioned plea to extend support and cooperation to the ongoing MR vaccination campaign in the days ahead.

Deputy Commissioner Adil Khan, Circle Officer, Katlicherra, James Aind and DIO Dr.Thambalsena immunized their children with MR vaccine.


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