BJP New Mission, Rule 8 NE States says Himanta Biswa Sharma


The BJP’s new mission is to rule all the 8 states in NE India, stated by Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday. Mr Himanta confident that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies will come to power in all the eight north-eastern states by November 2018.

About the ‘new mission’ of the party in North-eastern India, the Assam minister said, “As of now, we have five states with us… as BJP and with our allies. Recently, we had a convention on north-east political parties. Our national president has said that we should get eight out of eight. This is a new mission for us.”

Sharma while speaking to news agency PTI in Hydrabad, said that in February 2018, Meghalaya and Tripura will go for election and BJP will win in both of them. And then in November 2018, he is hopeful to win in Mizoram as well.

“I am confident that by November 2018, we will have all the eight states with BJP or with our allies,” Sarma said.



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