Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival unveils exciting lineup for its 8th edition in Guwahati

BVFF aims to be the cradle of meaningful cinema and creativity in the Northeast region of India, showcasing not only natural beauty and picturesque locations but also a melting pot of cultures, talent, and creativity.

GUWAHATI-  The highly anticipated 8th edition of the Brahmaputra Valley Film Festival (BVFF) is set to captivate audiences in Guwahati from December 14-17. Founder and Festival Director Tanushree Hazarika officially announced the festival dates at a press conference at Jyoti Chitraban Film Studio in Guwahati recently, highlighting an impressive array of feature films, documentaries, and short films that will unfold at the prestigious Jyoti Chitraban Film Studio in Kahilipara, Guwahati.

Founder and Festival Director of BVFF, Tanushree Hazarika, takes pride in its robust competition lineup meticulously selected by a distinguished jury panel. The festival promises engaging discussions and conversations with industry stalwarts, providing aspiring filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to interact and learn from experienced professionals in specially curated masterclasses.

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“BVFF is a celebration of stories that ignite hearts and inspire minds. We aim to be a catalyst, fostering meaningful cinema, connecting diverse talents, and promoting the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Northeast India.

We envision a future where Northeast India becomes a thriving hub for filmmaking, contributing effectively to the global cinematic tapestry with its unique stories and perspectives,” said Tanushree Hazarika.

In a groundbreaking move, BVFF has already announced its collaboration with Amazon Prime Video, allowing filmmakers to present their pitches directly to the leading OTT platform. This unprecedented opportunity has the potential to redefine the landscape for independent filmmakers, empowering them and elevating the standards of filmmaking while opening doors within the industry.

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This year, BVFF received a total of 200 plus film submissions, with approximate 120 originating from the Northeast and rest from all over India. Pallavi Chumki Barua, Programming Director, BVFF, emphasizes, “BVFF is not just a film festival; it’s a cinematic odyssey offering an immersive movie-watching experience, engaging interactions with filmmaking personalities, dedicated masterclasses, workshops, and a celebration of the passion for cinema. This year promises a unique experience, igniting the creative spirit of storytelling.”

The festival will be graced by esteemed personalities such as Krishna DK, Prakash Jha, Tanuja Chandra, Leena Yadav, Adil Hussain, Ronnie Lahiri, Harshad Nalawade, Miransha Naik, Paban Haobam Kumar, Ketki Pandit, Sanjay Bhutiani, among others.

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BVFF 2023 will feature 30 selected movies from the over 200 entries received, panel discussions, fireside chats, masterclasses, and a workshop on Introduction to Filmmaking conducted in association with the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Details for all events which require registration can be found on the website

The eminent jury includes Rita Meher, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Tasveer; Murtaza Ali Khan, independent film critic and journalist; Utpal Datta, acclaimed author, filmmaker, and critic; and Dr. Asha Kuthari Chaudhuri, Professor and Director of the Centre for Performing Arts and Culture at Gauhati University.

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“We’re committed to showcasing films in their best quality, utilizing no less than the DCP format for quality visuals. This ensures both audience enjoyment and filmmaker satisfaction, knowing their work is being presented with quality standards.

Further enhancing the experience, we’ve also arranged for an additional screen, significantly expanding our capacity to screen films. This not only empowers viewers with greater choice, but also creates a balanced platform for short films, feature films, and documentaries.

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Our dedication to keep up with evolving technologies and audience expectations ensures that BVFF remains at the forefront of cinematic experience, offering a truly captivating way to enjoy great content,” said Samujjal Kashyap, Technical Director, BVFF.

BVFF aims to be the cradle of meaningful cinema and creativity in the Northeast region of India, showcasing not only natural beauty and picturesque locations but also a melting pot of cultures, talent, and creativity.

BVFF has been actively skilling, equipping, and empowering the youth of the region through workshops, masterclasses, and industry opportunities, creating a platform for filmmakers and film lovers to converge and celebrate different aspects of moviemaking.


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