India’s first underwater railroad tunnel to be built under Brahmaputra in Assam

The distance of 6 hours will be completed in 40 minutes, Rs 6,000 crore is the budget.

GUWAHATI-    The construction of the India’s first underwater railroad tunnel is going to start soon in Assam. Railroad tunnel means that both train and motor vehicle (car-truck-bus) can run on it. It will be constructed under the Brahmaputra river.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced this while addressing a gathering. He said that if everything had gone well, its construction work would start during his tenure itself.

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Sarma said in a meeting on Saturday, “I have a dream, is it possible to build a tunnel inside the Brahmaputra through which both rail and motor can run.” The Chief Minister further said that he again thought that there is no need to lose much in the dream and he almost abandoned its plan.

India’s first underwater railroad tunnel to be built under Brahmaputra in Assam

According to the CM, one day the Delhi High Command was suddenly asked for its opinion regarding the construction of a tunnel under the Brahmaputra. After this he discussed it with the officials and finally came to the conclusion that it can be constructed at a cost of Rs.6000 crores.

The Chief Minister said that just as the Atal-tunnel has been made from inside the mountains, similarly a tunnel will be made from under the Brahmaputra. The CM told that two separate tunnels will be prepared for this. Trains will run on one of these and motor vehicles will run on the other. He also told that this tunnel will be built under the Brahmaputra between Gohpur and Numaligarh.

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After the construction of this tunnel, the distance between these two districts will remain only 33 km. Whereas now people have to travel 220 kms. Now where it takes 5-6 hours to travel. After the straight tunnel is made, this journey will be completed in around 40 minutes. Please tell that this tunnel will be of about 35 kilometers.

India’s first underwater railroad tunnel to be built under Brahmaputra in Assam

With this, the north and south areas of Brahmaputra will come very close. This tunnel is also important from the point of view of national security because through this it will be easy to reach Arunachal Pradesh adjacent to China.

He told that the tender will be opened on July 4 to prepare its DPR i.e. Detailed Project Report. The Chief Minister said that if everything goes well, its construction will be started during his tenure. Significantly, the next assembly elections in Assam are to be held in 2026. If this idea takes the shape of reality, then it will be India’s first underwater rail road tunnel.


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