Meghalaya: BJP launches anti-drug campaign in East Shillong

SHILLONG: BJP in Meghalaya launched the anti-drug campaign in the East Shillong constituency today.  The programme included the launch of a campaign video, constituting a state-wide anti-drug team along with the BJP releasing a party 8-point proposal to counter the drug menace in the state.

The 8-point proposal includes co-ordinated interstate government monitoring, Northeast anti-drug squad, establishing a Directorate of Prosecution in Meghalaya, state-run de-addiction centres separately for male and female, subsidized or grant for counselling centres, regular counselling at schools and colleges, engaging anti-drug volunteers at booth level and toll-free assistance for those seeking treatment.

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The party also distributed jerseys to sports clubs as a part of the anti-drug campaign with an aim to promote sports for the youth. BJP’s Meghalaya unit president Ernest Mawrie said that different programmes will be carried out state-wide to counter this problem. The mission goal programme launched by BJP is not only for elections but shall be continued post elections too.

Mawrie stated that Meghalaya has nearly 2.5 lakh drug users which are 7.65 per cent of the state population.

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Nearly 30 per cent of the youth are affected by it. “We as a party are totally committed to solving this problem and will ensure our Home Minister Amit Shah’s commitment of zero tolerance on the drug menace is stood by,” Mawrie also said.  Mawrie then declared that there will be a rally against this menace on January 7 in the 18th Shillong West constituency and its Mahila Morcha will lead the program.


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