Mizoram: BJP protest against irregularities by CADC CEM

BJP Carries out mass procession and burn the effigy of Rasik Mohan Chakma,  CADC  CEM in protest against the irregularities in the council.


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Chakma Autonomous District Council organised a mass procession against the series of irregularities and humongous corruptions committed by the present Executive Committee of CADC led by Rasik Mohan Chakma and the delayed action on the “One Man Inquiry Commission” report by the government of Mizoram today at Kamalanagar, the headquarters of CADC. Around three thousand BJP’s karyakartas have gathered and participated in the mass procession.

The procession was carried out from Kamalanagar-l public playground to CADC Secretariat building via Kamalanagar-lll. Most of the karyakartas expressed disappointment and anger over the present MNF misrule and misgovernance by the Executive Committee of CADC.

A series of slogans were shouted against the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of CADC Rasik Mohan Chakma and R. Lalzirliana, Minister DC&MA Government of Mizoram. Slogans such as “Rasik Mohan Chakma Murdabad, R. Lalzirliana Sharam Karo and MNF Sorkar Hosh Me Aao” were shouted at the rally.

The angry BJP Karyakartas have torched the effigy of Rasik Mohan Chakma in front of the CADC Secretariat building which was followed by the submission of memorandum to the Mizoram Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi through the Sub-Divisional Officer of Chawngte Sub-Division.

Mizoram: CADC BJP carries out protest against irregularities in CADC 

In its memorandum, the CADC, BJP demanded immediate action against the existing corrupt Executive Committee of CADC for committing incessant maladministration and financial mismanagement.

Former Chief Executive Member of CADC Buddha Lila Chakma alleged that despite of constituting the “One Man Inquiry Commission” by the Govrnor of Mizoram, the present Executive Committee of CADC could not stop its corrupt practices and a series of malpractices are still in operation.

While speaking at the procession Mr. Chakma further alleged that the employees who were financially upgraded and promoted with retrospective effect had to hand over fifty percent of the total due arrears to Rasik Mohan Chakma which is why their arrears were not transferred directly to their respective bank accounts. He further said that the public of CADC have lost faith on the eight months old corrupt Executive Committee of CADC and Rasik Mohan Chakma has no moral grounds to hold on to the post of CEM anymore and demanded for his immediate resignation from the post.


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