PM Modi hails tea garden community of Assam for their hard work

Urges tourists to visit the tea gardens

JORHAT-  The Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Assam Tea has made its way all over the world. He lauded the tea garden community for their grit and hard work.

The Prime Minister posted on X :

“Assam is known for its splendid tea gardens, and Assam Tea has made its way all over the world. I would like to laud the remarkable tea garden community, which is working hard and enhancing Assam’s prestige all over the world.  I also urge tourists to visit these tea gardens during their visits to the state.”

Assam tea is a particular type of black tea that’s well known for its rich, malty flavor and many potential health benefits.

Assam tea is often described as having a malty flavor and a rich, savory aroma. These distinct features are typically attributed to the tea’s unique production process.


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