Tripura Health Minister make surprise visit to hospital, finds flaws


Health minister of Tripura, Sudip Roy Barman,  on Tuesday conducted a surprise inspection of  the Agartala Medical College Hospital Central Laboratory at Mind Night to take stock of its facilities. He was accompanied by the Secretary & Director of Health Dept.

The minister got information from his sources that during the night shift no Doctors remains present at the Lab at night. All the reports during the night shift were tested and reported by the lab technicians only.

Even the blood samples were not tested and a random result is written in the report and with out the supervision or  signature of the Lab Doctor these reports is generated to different in house ward patients depending on which treatment is done.

The fact was found true after re checking  of some random samples. Even some machines were faulty for a long time are showing different results of blood test of the same sample of blood with just a minute which was cross checked in front of the minister.


The doctors on duty was absent and came latter on after a phone call by minister himself. This may be the first time in India that Doctors of a Central Lab appears only on call at night which was also admitted by the doctor on duty after arrival. Without any govt. Notification the doctors  themselves made this rule for them.

The minister ordered enquiry on the entire episode and said to lodge police complain if necessary as he considered such kin of irresponsible of the doctors and staffs are equivalent and may be cause of death of patients and is a criminal offence.

Its worth to mention the Doctors were facing problems for the treatment of patients due to such faulty reports of Laboratory.  Both the two labs, central lab and service lab have the same problems.


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