Assam: ABSU organised a Mass Rally in support of Bodoland- WATCH VIDEO

ABSU, PJACBM and NDFB(P) jointly organised a mass rally at Barma, in Assam demanding Bodoland. 

Brama ( Assam )

The Movement groups of Bodoland demand committee, including  ABSU, PJACBM and NDFB(P) reaffirm that there won’t be any compromise unless the Government permanently resolves the Bodoland Issue, said ABSU president Pramod Bor.

ABSU leader on Friday was addressing a rally  in support of Bodoland held  at Barma in Baksa district of Assam.

Talking to, Pramod said that ” Despite being son of the soil, the Bodo community is deprived of all due to constitutional rights and share in this State. It is well known fact that the Bodo and other communities are lacking far behind due to constant discrimination and negligence in political patronisation by the ruling cliques of the region continuously for last 70 years after independence”.

Pramod alleged that “The conspiracy to eradicate the unique culture, rich language and traditions of the community by the privileged section of people of the state are the main reason of the continuous Bodoland movement.

The community along with the underprivileged section of people have to fight for every need, socio-cultural issues and for right to education in the state. It is very unfortunate that, as a citizen we don’t have access in many rights entitled by the various provisions of the Constitution of India, he added.

Further pramod said that “Our dreams and aspirations cannot be realised unless we have a separate State. Bodos are demanding so many things for inclusive development but that is not done in our regions”.

Expressing his un-happiness from both State and central govt, Pramod said that “there is demand for a Central University since couple of decades but that has been established at Tezpur and Silchar, there is demand of AIIMS in the lower Assam but the AIIMS is established at Amingaon near Guwahati, Medical College is established by Assam Government in many places but not in Proposed Bodoland Region. In one word the region gets nothing”.

Pramod said that in this circumstances, the demand for a separate State is justified. It has happened in the case of other tribes of NE region who happened to be part of greater Assam for some decades after independence. They are feeling more secured in terms of protection of their land, identity, language and culture. Thus, creation of one more new state in NE region will not be curse but it will be a blessing and a way of achieving greater peace and sustainability in the region.

Watch Video 

Assam: ABSU organised a Mass Rally in support of Bodoland

The movement group has threatened that ” they will go for more vigorous mass movement in regional level as well as in the national capital in the event The Government at the Centre fails to announce the timeline and the manner in which it proposes to create the New State of Bodoland, amongst others”.

In the mass gathering the movement leaders present and delivered speech are  Swapnajit Sanyal, Secretary & Spokesperson NFNS from Vidharva, Urkhao Gwra Brahma Prsesident, UPPL, Md. Iusup Ali, President United Minority Cell, Sucil Das, Convenor PJACBM, Maothi Brahma Hajowary MCLA.


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