Assam: Akanksha Phase II begins in Hailakandi

Program boosts student-learning outcomes through volunteer-run classes


Akanksha, an accelerated learning programme, Phase II began in Hailakandi. The Akanksha 2.0 next phase of the program is set to impact 230 schools driven by the power of youth on display.

At a programme held at Women’s College here on Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner, Keerthi Jalli urged the education volunteers and teachers to pitch in all their efforts to improve the learning outcomes of students in government schools.

Jalli expressed her gratitude to all the Akanksha volunteers who worked selflessly in Phase I of the program to improve basic language and mathematics skills.

Announcing the rolling out of Akanksha 2.0 covering 230 schools, Jalli appealed to all the youths to volunteer in the next phase to create a much larger impact. She appreciated all the stakeholders including the Department of Education and Piramal Foundation for their continuous efforts in improving the education scenario in the district.

She also recommended the Gandhi Fellowship program as a potential career option for the Akanksha volunteers and youth in the district.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education), RK Dam also urged the education volunteers and teachers to work on a mission mode to accelerate the pace of learning of those pupils who are behind the rest of the students especially in language and maths subjects.

Program leader, Piramal Foundation, Sadasiva Reddy was also present on the occasion.

The Accelerated Learning Program improved student learning outcomes by 30% in 100 Happy Schools, thereby causing impact on 15,000 students.

In appreciation of their efforts which directly contributed to a 30% improvement in the learning outcome for the period September to December, the district administration organised a certificate distribution event. Of the 230 volunteers,180 received certificates from the Deputy Commissioner.

“The Accelerated Learning Program is envisioned to assist students to achieve expected competencies in core academic subjects like language and maths,” said Reddy.

The unique component of the program is the specially designed learning experience customised for children’s special needs. Hailakandi district in Assam is part of the Aspirational Districts Program initiated by Niti Aayog in partnership with Piramal Foundation to improve the performances in key indicators that measure development including Education.

To tackle the gaps in foundation skills, ‘Akanksha’ was launched on September 16 last year by the district administration and Department of Education in collaboration with Piramal Foundation. The pilot program ran for 45 days on a campaign mode in 100 government schools.

The program with focus on language and maths is aimed at extending additional help to students who have performed below par in language and maths and are lagging behind the rest of the students in a normal class situation. “The program helps to raise the language and numeracy levels at an early stage to increase the pace of learning of the students in the aspirational district,” added Reddy.

The program also uses the Google BOLO app to increase the reading levels.


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