Assam: Computer Education on Wheels



Assam education minister, Siddhartha Bhattacharya on Tuesday launched a mobile classroom, “Computer Education on Wheels,” an initiative of a Northeast-based cement company to provide free computer education to students during school hours.

The classroom is primarily a bus housing computers, chairs and tables, and endeavours to create an interesting environment for learning.

Students can avail of digital tools, including videos and audio clips, images, interactive graphics, hyperlinks apart from basic computer skills.

The cement company has taken the initiative to introduce the facility for Assamese medium students in the Sonapur area to start with.

In a press statement issued here, the company said that in pursuit of continuous social development and support to education, it has pioneered the initiative for inclusive development of primary and ME school children in an innovative non-classroom environment.

“Instead of providing a computer classroom in one school, the company’s aim is to cover multiple schools with insufficient infrastructure to provide computer literacy to their students,” the statement said.


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