Assam: Nature enthusiasts participated in the ‘Nature’s Wonderland – a journey of curiosity’ event at Assam State Zoo

A total of 30 nature enthusiasts from 10 different states of India actively participated in this event

GUWAHATI-   Regions premier biodiversity conservation organisation Aaranyak organised the event ‘Nature’s Wonderland – a journey of curiosity’ emphasising on the role of urban biodiversity in the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden.

Jayanta Kumar Pathak, Senior Manager, Aaranyak explained to the participants the motive of the event and the necessity of such kinds of initiatives to understand the value and services of urban biodiversity.

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Wildlife Biologist, Dr. Jayaditya Purkayastha interacted with the participants about the role of Zoological Parks in Ex-situ conservation. He said that it’s high time to recognise the concept of zoological parks and the role it plays in the conservation of species, wildlife research, and population revival of endangered and extinct species through captive breeding.

Environmentalist Tanvi Hussain of Aaranyak interacted with the participants on the concept of “One Health and Human Well-being”. An eco-therapy session comprising yoga asanas and nature feel was performed to ease tiredness and relaxation.

Chief Animal Keeper of Assam State Zoo, Rajani Kanta Deka shared his knowledge and experience of animal rescue and rehabilitation, captive breeding and animal behaviour with the nature enthusiasts. He said “It is easy to understand human moods and behaviour but it is not the same for animals, anthropogenic activities honking horns, bursting firecrackers and other activities creating high-decibel sounds might increase their stress level and severely impact their behaviour.”

Dipak Bhattacharjee of Aaranyak and Pranab Bori of Assam State Zoo also interacted with the participants on the enthusiasm of working in nature conservation and the significance of living with joy and the art of being happy irrespective of crest and troughs in life.

Aaranyak’s team, along with Wonderland Mentor’s Pranjal Mahananda, Jigyas Baruah, Pramod Choudhury and Simanta Medhi took the participants to the nature walk and talk.

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A total of 30 nature enthusiasts from 10 different states of India actively participated in Nature’s Wonderland event supported by Wipro Foundation and LASA (Lea Associates South Asia Private Limited). The entire event held on September 3 last was coordinated by Pranab Goswami and Wasima Begum of Aaranyak.

Prahelika Saikia, Bishakha Saikia, Hiramoni Rabha, Birsong Phangcho of the Department of Eco-Restoration, Dimoria College and Akash Kakati, Nayan Sarma and Anil Kumar Das of Aaranyak actively volunteered in the event.


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