Assam: Reaching out to senior citizens, elderly during lockdown in Hailakandi


In response to the Prime Minister’s clarion call to reach out to the senior citizens and elderly during the lockdown period, the District Information and Public Relations Office (DIPRO), Hailakandi district, Assam here has started establishing contacts to inquire about their health and well being.

DIPRO, Sabir Nishat and his staff are on the job for the past several days in making calls and visiting the residence of some ailing elderly citizens of the district.

Nishat said following PM’s appeal as well as Media Adviser to CM, Assam, Hrishikesh Goswami,  exercise is on to inquire about the health condition of the senior citizens and elderly and their well being and to get first-hand information about the problems they are confronted with during the lockdown period.

“The senior citizens and elderly are elated that we have inquired about their well being and also made an effort to reach out to them during the unprecedented times due to countrywide lockdown”, said Nishat.

While some senior citizens and elderly expressed their happiness for being inquired about their well being, others made known their problems plaguing them such as foodstuff, medicines and the need for treatment.

To ease the burden of the lockdown of the senior citizens and elderly, Superintendent of Police, Pabindra Kumar Nath, in response to the impassioned plea of DIPRO, acted swiftly by reaching out to them in their hour of distress.

“To help such people and to ease the burden of the lockdown to some extent, the district police has stepped in to ensure basic necessities like food directly reach the homes of the elderly,” said Nath.

Nath further revealed that police personnel would also be engaged to look after the well being of the senior citizens and elderly.

“As a first step towards this, the district police will look after the health and welfare of the senior citizens and elderly. Police officials and personnel engaged would be given directions to this effect to make home delivery of provisions and, if possible, medicines to senior citizens and elderly during the lockdown,” added Nath.

Seven kg rice, one kg dal, one litre mustard oil, three kgs potato and one kg salt were provided to each elderly person.

Nath informed that four number of police teams would be pressed into service to reach out to the senior citizens across the district.

The Assam Police have also started helpline numbers for senior citizens during the lockdown period.

Nishat said, “Senior citizens will get the much needed relief if home delivery of fruits, vegetables and other essential items are ensured. Community kitchen can also be set up to prepare food and deliver it to the homes of the needy. These measures will, in some way, help in mitigating the problems being faced by the elderly during the lockdown.”


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